dbcc options

The following dbcc options are unique to Component Integration Services.


remcon displays a list of all remote connections made by all Component Integration Services clients. It takes no arguments.


rusage returns a report describing the total memory used by each Component Integration Services resource utilizing shared memory. The report describes total configured items, number of items used, number of items available, and total memory used for each resource. The CIS dbcc command dbcc cis("rusage") has been replaced by the Adaptive Server Enterprise command: dbcc mempools


srvdes returns a formatted list of all in-memory SRVDES structures, if no argument is provided. If an argument is provided, this command syncs the in-memory version of a SRVDES with information found in sysservers. The command takes an optional argument as follows:

srvdes, [ srvid ] 


showcaps shows a list of all capabilities for servername by capability name, ID, and value as follows:

showcaps, servername

Example 1


dbcc cis(“showcaps”, “servername”)