Server classes and ASTC

Internally, ASTC views a server as one of three types: DTM-enabled, Pre-DTM, or No-DTM. These types map to the three sets of callbacks used, and map to server classes as indicated in the following table:

Table 2-6: ASTC and CIS server classes

ASTC Server Type

CIS Server Class


ASEnterprise (12.x or greater)


ASEnterprise (pre-12.x) ASAnywhere sql_server(10.x or greater)



ASIQ sql_server (pre-system 10) db2

Transaction processing through an Adaptive Server Enterprise release 12.x server to pre-DTM and No-DTM remote servers should produce the same output as transaction processing through a pre-12.x server to the same remote servers.

Before starting distributed transactions, the local server must be named.