Step 3: Add an Alternate Login and Password

Use the system procedure sp_addexternlogin to assign an alternate login name and password to be used when communicating with a remote server. This step is optional. The syntax for sp_addexternlogin is:

sp_addexternlogin remote_server, login_name, remote_name [, remote_password]



sp_addexternlogin FRED, sa, system, sys_pass

Allows the local server to gain access to remote server FRED using the remote name “system” and the remote password “sys_pass” on behalf of user “sa”.

sp_addexternlogin OMNI1012, bobj, jordan, hitchpost

Tells the local server that when the login name “bobj” logs in, access to the remote server OMNI1012 is by the remote name “jordan” and the remote password “hitchpost”. Only the “bobj” account, the “sa” account, and the “sso” account have the authority to add or modify a remote login for the login name “bobj”.