Remote server logins

To fully support remote logins, Client-Library provides new connection properties which enable CIS to request a server connection. This connection is recognized at the receiving server as a server connection (as opposed to an ordinary client connection), allowing the remote server to validate the connection through the use of sysremotelogins as if the connection were made by a site handler.

This feature is not enabled automatically. Instead, the SSO or DBA must request it by executing sp_serveroption:

	exec sp_serveroption <server_name>,
		‘server login’, true | false

You cannot change the server login property if the current server’s @@servername global variable is currently NULL.

If the server login option is enabled (set to TRUE), then CIS uses Client-Library connection properties to establish connections to the specified server:

Remote passwords specified by the client application are passed unchanged to the remote server. The use of and rules associated with remote passwords in server logins are identical to those associated with site handler connections.

These connection properties are only established if: