Allocating physical resources

Allocating physical resources is the process of giving Adaptive Server the memory, disk space, worker processes, and CPU power required to achieve your performance and recovery goals. When installing a new server, every System Administrator must make decisions about resource utilization. You will also need to reallocate Adaptive Server’s resources if you upgrade your platform by adding new memory, disk controllers, or CPUs, or if the design of your database system changes. Or, early benchmarking of Adaptive Server and your applications can help you spot deficiencies in hardware resources that create performance bottlenecks.

See Chapter 15, “Overview of Disk Resource Issues,” in this manual to understand the kinds of disk resources required by Adaptive Server. See also Chapter 18, “Configuring Memory,” and Chapter 20, “Managing Multiprocessor Servers,” for information about memory and CPU resources.

The following sections provide helpful pointers in determining physical resource requirements.