Logical page sizes

The logical page size is a server-wide setting. You cannot have databases with varyingly sized logical pages within the same server. Adaptive Server allows you to create master devices and databases with logical page sizes of 2K, 4K, 8K, or 16K, but a given server installation can have only one of these four logical page sizes. All databases in a server—and all objects in every database—use the same logical page size.

You select the page size when you create the master device with dataserver -z. All the logical pages of a server must be the same size. For instance, all the pages on a server with a logical page size of 4K must be 4K, even though you may not use some pages beyond the initial 2K.

For more information about the dataserver command see the Utility Guide. For more information about logical page sizes, see Chapter 18, “Configuring Memory.”