Using installjava

installjava copies a JAR file into the Adaptive Server system and makes the Java classes contained in the JAR available for use in the current database. The syntax is:

-f file_name
[-new | -update]
[-j jar_name]
[ -S server_name ]
[ -U user_name ]
[ -P password ]
[ -D database_name ]
[ -I interfaces_file ]
[ -a display_charset ]
[ -J client_charset ]
[ -z language ]
[ -t timeout ]

For example, to install classes in the addr.jar file, enter:

installjava -f “/home/usera/jars/addr.jar”

The –f parameter specifies an operating system file that contains a JAR. You must use the complete path name for the JAR.

This section describes retained JAR files (using -j) and updating installed JARs and classes (using new and update). For more information about these and the other options available with installjava, see the Utility Guide.

NoteWhen you install a JAR file, Application Server copies the file to a temporary table and then installs it from there. If you install a large JAR file, you may need to expand the size of tempdb using the alter database command.