Obtaining an HTTP document

Another way to use the URL class is to download a document from an HTTP URL. Before you start, your client must connect to a Web server. In the client code, you:

To use the following code sample, you must:

For example:

public static InputStream url_test() 
	throws Exception {
URL u = new URL(“http://www.xxxxxx.com/”); 
Reader in = new InputStreamReader(u.openStream()));
int n=0, off;
char c[]=new char[50000];
for(off=0; off < c.length; off ++) {
ByteArrayInputStream test = 
	new ByteArrayInputStream(b,0,off);
return (InputStream) test}

After you create the new InputStream class, you can install this class and use it to read a text file into the database, inserting data into a table, as in the following example.

create table t (cl text)
insert into t values (		URLprocess.readURL)
select datalength(cl) from