Here are some steps you can try:

  1. Stepping into a function – press F7 to step to the next line in the current method.

  2. Press F8 to step into the function doAction( ) in line 99.

  3. Run to a selected line. You are now in function doAction( ). Click on line 155 and press F6 to run to that line and break:

    String workString = “Action(“ + action + “)”;
  4. Set a breakpoint and execute to it – select line 179 and press F9 to set a breakpoint on that line when running isql select JDBCExamples.serverMain('select'):

    workString + = selecter(con);

    Press F5 to execute to that line.

  5. Experiment – try different methods of stepping through the code. End with F5 to complete the execution.

    When you have completed the execution, the Interactive SQL Data window displays:

    Action(select) – Row with id = 1: name(Joe Smith)