How is Java executed in the database?

To support Java in the database, Adaptive Server:

The Sybase Java VM runs in the database environment. It interprets compiled Java instructions and runs them in the database server.

The Sybase Java VM meets the JCM specifications from Java Software; it is designed to work with the 2.0 version of the Java API. It supports public class and instance methods; classes inheriting from other classes; the Java API; and access to protected, public, and private fields. Some Java API functions that are not appropriate in a server environment, such as user interface elements, are not supported. All supported Java API packages and classes come with Adaptive Server.

The Adaptive Server Java VM is available at all times to perform a Java operation whenever it is required as part of the execution of a SQL statement. The database server starts the Java VM automatically when it is needed; you do not need to take any explicit action to start or stop the Java VM.