Type and void methods

Java methods (both instance and static) are either type methods or void methods. In general, type methods return a value with a result type, and void methods perform some action(s) and return nothing.

For example, in the Address class:

You invoke type methods as functions and use the new keyword when invoking a constructor method:

insert into emps 
	values ('Don Green', new Address('234 Stone Road', '99777'), 
 		new Address2Line( ) )

select name, home_addr>>toString( ) from emps 
 	where home_addr>>toString( )  like ‘%Baker%’

The removeLeadingBlanks( ) method of the Address class is a void instance method that modifies the street and zip fields of a given instance. You can invoke removeLeadingBlanks( ) for the home_addr column of each row of the emps table. For example:

update emps
 	set home_addr =
 		home_addr>>removeLeadingBlanks( )

removeLeadingBlanks( ) removes the leading blanks from the street and zip fields of the home_addr column. The Transact-SQL update statement does not provide a framework or syntax for such an action. It simply replaces column values.