Inter-class transfers

You can assign an instance of a class in one database to an instance of a class of the same name in another database. Instances created by the class in the source database are transferred into columns or variables whose declared type is the class in the current (target) database.

You can insert or update from a table in one database to a table in another database. For example:

insert into db1.Smith.emps select * from

update db1.Smith.emps
		set home_addr = (select db2.Jones.emps.home_addr
			from db2.Jones.emps 
		where =

You can insert or update from a variable in one database to another database. (The following fragment is in a stored procedure on db2.) For example:

declare @home_addr Address
select @home_addr = new Address(‘94608’, ‘222 Baker
insert into db1.Janes.emps(name, home_addr) 
		values (‘Jone Stone’, @home_addr)

In these examples, instance values are transferred between databases. You can:

In an inter-class transfer, the Java serialization is transferred from the source to the target.