Compliance with SQLJ Part 1 specifications

Adaptive Server SQLJ stored procedures and functions comply with SQLJ Part 1 of the standard specifications for using Java with SQL. See “Standards” for a description of the SQLJ standards.

Adaptive Server supports most features described in the SQLJ Part 1 specification; however, there are some differences. Unsupported features are listed in Table 5-3; partially supported features are listed in Table 5-4. Sybase-defined features—those not defined by the standard but left to the implementation—are listed in Table 5-5.

In those instances where Sybase proprietary implementation differs from the SQLJ specifications, Sybase supports the SQLJ standard. For example, non-Java Sybase SQL stored procedures support two parameter modes: in and inout. The SQLJ standard supports three parameter modes: in, out, and inout. The Sybase syntax for creating SQLJ stored procedures supports all three parameter modes.