Storing an XML ResultSet document in a SQL column

The following SQL script generates an XML ResultSet document and stores it in a table:

declare @query java.lang.StringBuffer
select @query = new java.lang.StringBuffer()
 -- The following “appends” build up a SQL select statement in
 	the @query variable
 -- We use a StringBuffer, and the append method, so that the
 	@query can be as long as needed.
select @query>>append("select order_date as Date, 
	c.customer_id as CustomerId, ")
select @query>>append("customer_name as CustomerName, ")
select @query>>append("o.item_id as ItemId, i.item_name as ItemName, ")
select @query>>append("quantity as Quantity, o.unit as unit " )
select @query>>append("from customers c, orders o, items i ")
select @query>>append("where c.customer_id=o.customer_id and"
 	+ "o.item_id=i.item_id  ")
declare @rsx xml.resultset.ResultSetXml
select  @rsx = new xml.resultset.ResultSetXml
 	(@query>>toString(), 'none', 'yes', '') 
insert into resultset_docs values("1",  @rsx)