Other usages of the XQL package

NoteSybase does not support these usages of the XQL package. These usages require JDK 1.2 or higher.

You can query XML documents from the command line, using the standalone application com.sybase.xml.xql.XqlDriver.

You can use Java package methods provided in com.sybase.xml.xql.Xql to query XML documents in Java applications. You can also use these Java package methods to query XML documents in Adaptive Server 12.5, using the Java VM feature.

com.sybase.xml.xql.XqlDriver can parse and query only XML documents stored as files on your local system. You cannot use com.sybase.xml.xql.XqlDriver to parse or query XML documents stored in a database or over the network.

com.sybase.xml.xql.XqlDriver can be useful for developing XQL scripts and learning XQL. However, Sybase recommends that you use com.sybase.xml.xql.XqlDriver only as a standalone program, and not as part of another Java application, because com.sybase.xml.xql.XqlDriver includes a main() method. A Java program can only include one main() method, and if you include com.sybase.xml.xql.XqlDriver in another Java program that includes main(), the application attempts to implement both main() methods, which causes an error in Java.

Sybase recommends that applications use the com.sybase.xml.xql.Xql class to interface with the XML query engine. The methods of this class are specified in the section “Methods in com.sybase.xml.xql.Xql”.