Generating a ResultSet in the client

The main( ) method of the OrderResultSetClient class is invoked in a client environment. main( ) invokes the constructor of the ResultSetXml class to generate an XML ResultSet. The constructor executes the query, retrieves its metadata and data using JDBC ResultSet methods, and assembles an XML ResultSet document with the data.

import util.*;
public class OrderResultSetClient {
    public static void main (String[] args) {
 		String orderQuery = "select order_date as Date,”
 			+ "c.customer_id as CustomerId, "
 			+ "customer_name as CustomerName, "
 			+ "o.item_id as ItemId, i.item_name as ItemName, "
 			+ "quantity as Quantity, o.unit as unit "
 			+ "from customers c, orders o, items i "
 			+ "where c.customer_id=o.customer_id and
 			+ "	o.item_id=i.item_id " ;
		xml.resultset.ResultSetXml rsx 
 				= new xml.resultset.ResultSetXml(orderQuery,
 					"none", "yes", "external",
	} catch (Exception e) {