Redundant servers

As part of a failover plan or a load-balancing system, you may have multiple servers running the same Adaptive Server configuration, using redundant licenses across all servers. The redundant servers can be connected by LAN or by WAN.

To configure redundant servers:

  1. Follow the instructions in this guide to install Adaptive Server on each of the servers in the redundant system.

  2. As you install the software, make a note of the machine names and the dedicated port number that SySAM uses on each machine.

  3. For each machine in the redundant system, when the license manager prompts for license information, enter:

    The certificate information is provided in your Adaptive Server package on a printed Sybase Software Asset Management Certificate.

  4. Click Done when you have entered all licenses.

    Complete the installation of Adaptive Server. See Chapter 4, “Installing Sybase Servers”.

  5. After the installation is completed, and for each server in the redundant system, set the LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable to: