Reenabling replication

Follow the steps in this section to reenable replication after upgrading the primary databases and primary RSSDs.

For each primary database and RSSD:

  1. Start Adaptive Server if it is not already running.

  2. Log on to the server.

  3. Clear the locator for the database by executing the following command in the RSSD for this database:

    1> use RSSD
    2> go 
    3> rs_zeroltm dataserver, database 
    4> go
  4. Enable the truncation point for the database.

    1> use database
    2> go 
    1> dbcc settrunc("ltm", "valid")
    2> go
  5. Restart the Replication Servers and LTMs.

  6. Resume the DSI connections that were suspended before the upgrade by executing the following Replication Server command for each suspended database:

    1> resume connection to dataserver.database
    2> go

The replication system is now ready for Adaptive Server 12.5, and applications can resume.

If you installed any Sybase client products, such as Open Client, use the dsedit utility to edit your interfaces file and to specify the servers to which you want to connect.

For more information about establishing client/server connections, see the Open Client Configuration Guide or Chapter 8, “Upgrading Sybase Servers.”