Upgrading to Adaptive Server 12.5

To assist with the upgrade process, Sybase recommends that you set the OLDSYBASE environment variable to point to the old installation of Adaptive Server. If you set the OLDSYBASE environment variable to the old installation of the Adaptive Server, the upgrade utility will automatically populate input fields with the correct information as you perform the upgrade.

Back up all existing Sybase installations. Installing Adaptive Server files into an existing Sybase installation directory overwrites the previous installation.

WARNING! If you install Adaptive Server files into the same directory as the currently installed version, the new version overwrites the old one. If this occurs, the upgrade cannot complete, because you must have both the old and the new versions of Adaptive Server to perform an upgrade.

Use either of the following methods to upgrade Adaptive Server:

NoteBackup Server, Monitor Server, and XP Server cannot be upgraded using sqlupgraderes.