Setting environment variables

It is crucial to the operation of Sybase products that the system environment variables be set correctly. The following list describes the Sybase environment variables that are set by the Redhat Package Manager (RPM). RPM also generates a file that you can execute if you need to reset environment variables for any reason.

Environment variables are set in the user’s environment either interactively or by including them in the user’s .login and .cshrc files (for C shell) or .profile file (for Bourne shell).

You can set environment variables by running the SYBASE.csh or script file.

  1. From a Bourne, enter:

  2. From a C shell, enter:

    source SYBASE.csh

The script file does not set jConnect or Java utility environment variables. See the product documentation

The environment variables are:

NoteFor instructions on setting jConnect environment variables, see the documentation for jConnect.