Installing the documentation

While you can view the PDF files directly from the documentation CD, Sybase recommends that you install the files on your system using the Red Hat Package Manager (RPM). Using RPM provides better management of the documentation files, such as allowing you to uninstall all the files at once with a single command.

StepsUsing RPM to install the documentation PDF files

  1. Verify that you are logged in as “root”.

  2. Verify that you have a directory called /opt on your server, and that it has at least 40MB to accommodate the documentation PDF files. If an /opt directory does not already exist, RPM creates it in the root directory.

  3. Place the documentation CD in the CD-ROM drive.

  4. At the # prompt, enter:

    # mount -t iso9660 /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom
  5. Unload all of your Sybase documentation files into the /opt/sybase-12.5/doc directory by entering:

    # rpm -Uhv sybase-doc-

    NoteYou can relocate the documentation files during installation using the rpm(1) --relocate option. For example, to install the documents under /opt/sybase/doc directory, type:

    # rpm -hiv --relocate "/opt/sybase-12.5"="/opt/sybase"  \
  6. When installation is complete, unmount the CD by entering this command at the # prompt:

    # umount /mnt/cdrom

    Remove the CD by entering:

    # eject

You have now successfully installed documentation files onto your system.