stack size

The default value of the stack size parameter has increased over the last several releases. While stack size varies from platform to platform, the changes on Solaris (shown in the table below) illustrate the increase in stack size requirements with successive versions:

Server Version

Minimum Stack Size


24576 (24K)


34816 (32k)


34816 (32k)


46090 (45K) - 32-bit 86016 (84K) - 64-bit


46090 (45K) - 32-bit 86016 (84K) - 64-bit

If the stack size is set too low, the server could experience stack overflow, either during upgrade or later during processing.

Check your stack size parameter and reset it to default if necessary. You may do this by modifying the server configuration file, replacing the existing value with the word “DEFAULT”.

NoteASE on Solaris may require a stack size two to four times the default in environments with heavy I/O using file system devices.

For more information on configuration parameters, see the System Administration Guide. For a comprehensive list of new and changed configuration parameters, see What’s New in Adaptive Server Enterprise.