New Reserved Words

Reserved words, or ASE keywords, can only be used by ASE and cannot be used to name user-created objects. New ASE objects and commands result in new reserved words being added with every release. The following chart shows the keywords added in ASE 11.9.2, 12.0, and 12.5:


New reserved words


  • exp_row_size

  • reservepagegap

  • lock

  • readpast

  • reorg


  • proxy

  • proxy_table

  • key

  • jar

  • join

  • install

  • remove

  • identity_gap

  • quiesce

  • modify


  • deterministic

  • func

  • function

  • inout

  • new

  • out

  • output

  • stringsize

You must change all object names that contain reserved words before you upgrade. You must also change those names in your procedures, SQL scripts, and applications before you can run them against the upgraded server.

Use the reserved word check in sqlupgrade, which you can run without starting the upgrade, to check object names. Subsequent checks can be performed by running the stored procedure, sp_checkreswords. Names that contain reserved words can be changed with the sp_rename procedure, or can be enclosed in double quotes. See the discussion on reserved words in your installation guide.

NoteThe Sybase procedures for detecting reserved words in object names cannot be used to find them in scripts and applications. You need to check scripts and applications separately.